Calling all major flirts!

This guy is really outgoing and flirts with a lot of girls when he's single, but he tells them straight up that he just wants to be friends if they ask him out or tell him they like him, and when he does date, he commits (and stops flirting with other girls).

So how do to tell if an overly flirty guy likes you?

We're good friends if that helps. :)


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  • Does it matter? If you like him, tell him. This will make him notice you even more. Better to give it a shot, rather than look for subtle clues.


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  • If he likes you then he'll probably give you a little more serious attention. There will be moments where his attention is fixed on you like nobody else is around, even though they are and they are probably even watching. A flirt tends to flirt for the group... but when he's interested he flirts just for you. Hope that helps.

  • Welllllll, first of he ( I) doesn't flirt as much with the girl he actually likes, it's way less the blatant stuff and more all of the small things. It's not that we don't flirt, we just tend to be more shy about it with people we actually like.

    It's not an easy task, ( My current girlfriend literally had to ask me face to face to find out) but it can be done, and if he is able to bear down he should be able to hint much better then I was

    ( I have like no control over it XD it's a problem.)


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