Is he weirded out now? Should I still try to hold his hand or hug him tomorrow?

Ok. I started dating my boyfriend yesterday and today I keep staring at him and didn't talk much and he stared back too, he made a face that might mean "why is she staring at me" That was at lunch. Then it was the next class and I frequently stared it him too and he did the same when i stared and I helped him on some problems at class. I wanted to hold his hand or just link my arm to his after class but I didn't have enough courage. He has hugged me for a total of four times and the first few times were awkward one armed hug. It was pretty lose. I wanted more but I didn't want to weird him out. I know he won't really do anything unless I do it first but I can't find the chance to do it. After class I kinda walked ahead of him cuz I didn't know what to do and I guess that was my fault. He was talking to his other friends on the way to class. After the final period I gathered up courage to do it but he walked past me and talked to his guy friend which is also my friend. My courage was lost. I dont want to seem clingly and needy but he's changing schools soon and I am very sad and I really desire to show affection. I texted him and apologized if I weirded him out by staring and he said it was fine. I text him "I couldn't help it" and he asked "why" and I told him "Because I like you and I find you cute" he texted "I'm not" and I texted "Yeah you are. Really" and he didn't text back. I am afraid I fucked up. Its harder than I thought when you think you're the only one wanting to hug or hold your partner's hand while he doesn't seem to care at all. It made me sad, I was really looking forward for today. Do you think he's now weirded out because I told him I find him cute? And the total number of times I told him that was 3. He's such a sweet kind funny guy. But sometimes I feel as if He is losing interest in me☹️😣. Should I try to still hold his hand or link my arm to his? Or no? I only have about a week and a half before he goes away :(
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Also, earlier we were flirting I guess. We were trying to guess what we meant because we spoke different languages and He was calling me cutie and I told him he was handsome. Also he said la mignonne which means "same love" what does that mean?
Is he weirded out now? Should I still try to hold his hand or hug him tomorrow?
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