I think that a lot of people are getting heartbroken because of people who are rebounding.

I think that a lot of people are getting heartbroken because of people who are "rebounding" and people who are not mature to be in a relationship period.

Some people are taking advantage of people who are really good to them.

Why? What do you think of these causes?


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  • The general attitude for most people when they are faced with any situation is "Whats in it for me" Pretty sad commentary on the world we live in.

    Everything it moving faster than it did 40 years ago.

    Jeeze I can remember when someone dating before they were in high school was simply unheard of.

    The government is so deep into our pockets that both parents have to work to make ends meet. Kids today by and large are learning the things my parents taught me from their peers. Kids can't teach kids morality..

    Just look at this site. You have 14yo's wanting to know if they are ready for sex.

    Then add to that we are living in post feminist America. Nobody has a clue who they are supposed to be, or how to act.

    People act like they have an expiration date somewhere in their early 20's...so rush, rush, rush to find the right one.

    Sex has become almost like shaking hands. Nobody even seems to know what sex is. Since that waste of flesh got away with saying he didn't have sex as it was oral, the country just nods it's wool covered head and accepts it as gospel.

    Therein lies the majority of the problem. Guys figure out what buttons to push to get laid. We think about sex all the time. It's hard wired...we can't turn it off...and since a bj isn't sex...just ask Bill, girls think it's OK to give in.

    Guys play at love to get sex.

    Girls play at sex to get love.

    Sadly the good guys are not playing so they get overlooked till later in life.

    So now girls/women have to deal with sifting through the players to find real men. Not an easy task. Players learn to adapt so they can keep getting what they want.

    Players eventually grow up, but the old habits never die. If they haven't found the right woman...well they are going to keep playing.

    Problem here is that by this time in their lives the herd has thinned, or become VERY cautious.

    The women they hurt rebound, and they end up hurting guys who may not be players, and they rebound and so on ad infinitum.

    Wanna know how to put a stop to it? Quit giving away the milk...if it's free why buy the cow?

    If sex were returned to what is should be...something between consenting ADULTS, and not something we hear about in the news that happens on the school bus as it heads to the elementry school of your choice, perhaps the circle could be broken.

    If more parents took a more active role in the lives of their children, perhaps the circle could be broken.

    If society would clamp down HARD on publications that make their money tearing down the self image, and confidence of our girls perhaps the circle could be broken.

    If government would get their bloody noses out of our homes and let parents raise their childern, perhaps the circle could be broken. I grew up knowing if I stepped out of line, dad would put me back on it. Today I know how hard it was for him to do, and I respect him for it.

    Yeah...tall order

    This mammal isn't holding his breath.

    • Its good to hear that. "Wanna know how to put a stop to it? Quit giving away the milk...if it's free why buy the cow?

      I got dumped by my ex-boyfriend for over a year because I was a virgin which was the main reason for the break up. Now, he is on to the next one, "the cow who can get it free from"


    • Don't give up hope. Ther are guys out there who will respect your choice, and who will love you for who you are....not what you can give them.

      Any guy who expects that from you isn't woth the time.It's a bit different when you're married. Too few people get that anymore. Self gratification is the word of the day.

      I for one am proud you stood by your belief.

      I bet you are as well....even though it sucks to get dumped.

      He's out there somewhere.

    • Yeah, thanks.

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  • in this day and time a lot of people are getting heart-broken because of lack of committment lack of communication lack of respect and lack of trust. I honestly don't look at one as being immature or mature because to the person their with they feel totally different. and when you say some people take advantage of people who are good to them it could be for two reasons...

    1. they aren't use to it.. and they play around with it not taking it seriously.

    2. they don't want to get hurt so they hide their feelings and stuff and make the other person open up all that...

    thats what I think.

    • I guess you have a good point. Your a smart girl for your age.

  • Well I'm a good Women this just happen to. We actually went as far as getting married in December 2009 & I'm already filing divorce papers. I'm 40 years old as of 08/25, all I can say from life experience is "IF IT WALK LIKE A DUCK, TALK LIKE A DUCK, IT IS A DOGGON DUCK". 1. Not raised right, meaning a lack of morals & values (NO POSITIVE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION). 2. weak minded (MANY FOLK JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYONE IS NOT FOR YOU). 3. Parents need to raise their off spring right (MOM & DAD) even if your a single parent ( try even harder). 4. Get some help if you need it no matter what the issue is (DRUG, ALCOHOL, DRAMA-KING OR QUEEN, SEXUAL ADDICTION ETC...) It seems to me people rather be lazy with how we conduct ourselves at all times and rather be tacky, ghetto or trailerpark, disrespectful, rude, etc... It just seems to hard for people to do the right things these days. I am very disappointed that people are not willing to try harder in life to succeed.

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