What's a moderately easy dish to make that will still impress her on a stay-in movie night?

Typical guy. Grew up on frozen foods and hamburger helper. Trying to gradually learn to cook and was wondering, in the inner room, if any guys have made a dish that looked/tasted wonderful that they actually made in a moderate amount of time (no more then 1 1/2 hours from start till ready to eat). Guys please chip in too...Just trying to get some commentary from y'alls experiences.


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  • Make Tacos. It's easy and fast. Get a taco seasoning packet at the market, follow the instructions. You can use flour or corn tortillas for soft tacos. Or you can buy premade hard corn shells. If you're feeling adventurous, make your own crispy corn tortilla shells. It takes just a few minutes.

    While the meat is cooking/simmering, chop some lettuce, cilantro, tomato, olive, or what ever you want on your tacos. Be sure to get some sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa, taco sauce, and avocado. You can do this easily in under an hour.

    Just a quick tip: any time you plan on preparing a meal for a date, make sure it's something you've made before. If you're going to try something you've never made before, do a practice run for yourself a few days before the date. That way, you'll know how it comes out, and what tweaks you'll need to make for it to be just right. Good luck.

    • Example: I made wonton soup a few weeks ago...(lol for personal enjoyment...love it.) Bought all the seasons/oils took about 1.5 -2hrs. I want to try something that has more preparation work then I'm used to always doing. I will keep tacos in mind and will look into meat combination/dishes. Thanks for the answer. Um...can you think of anything else?

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    • She's pretty much a stranger. I am open to anything at this moment. a dish or two to start and go from there. I care chicken/beef/chicken/pork in that order of preference. There are others? lol. I've never cooked fish. Only thrown in seasoned logs of beef and pork. I want to learn about healthier food. I care to eat health food, I stay away from/dont care for fried foods. Idk. name something lol.

    • Not knowing her tastes makes it tricky. You want to serve something that anyone would enjoy. Chicken is usually the safe bet. You could do a whole chicken stuffed with sage, rosemary, and thyme. Have you ever made a pork roast or pork loin? Pork roast is easy. You can even stuff it with an apple-sage dressing, serve with roasted or baked potato and fresh asparagus or fresh french beans. If any of that sounds good, I can give you some tips on how to prepare it, or you can find recipes on the web.

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  • Fish is easy. buy tuna stakes or something and throw them on the grill. make a nice salad and some rice or something. Very easy- but looks impressive.

  • Chicken quesadillas and sangria.


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