Help!?! First date with an older guy!?!

So I have a first date tomorrow! The guy is 25 and I'm 18, yes I know big difference! But I really really like this guy!

He's handsome and tall and just awesome!

I just don't know what to wear or how to act, I get all giggly and nervous around him.

We're gonna walk around the city and through the park and after that go to my house and watch a movie or something.

Help? Any tips?

Well, I don't know what I did, but yay, we're a couple :D Thank you for all the advice^^


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  • Wear something sophisticated but still casual. Try not to look like every other young girl, wear a cute dress or something-nice shoes.

    And try not to be intimidated by his age-show him you can handle 'adult' conversation.

    But along with showing you ability to be an adult remember to let your young and fun side show through- that's probably part of your appeal to him.

    Good Luck!


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  • Just be yourself. Don't act fake in anyway and just try to have fun. And I recommend watching a comedy. Not a romantic comedy though!


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  • not to bumb you out but...i think he might just be interested in sex...a 25 year old guy with a 18 year old girl sounds off!...good luck...don't put out on the first date...might not hear from him again!

    • Well, yes that is a possibility, but I never put out on the first date. And he knows that if he wants sex he will have to wait a month or 2. But that wasn't what I asked ;) Could you please awnser the question?^^

    • Sure!!!

      I would go for a sexy but not trashy top (if you are slim- get one that shows your body/ if you're curvy - wear one that don't snug too much or reveal to much- put a belt to accentuate the smallest part of you're core (usually right under your boobs)). For the bottom, if you live somewhere hot ( slim- short shorts /curvy- bermuda or 3/4 lenght pants) if its going to be not so hot ( Slim- Skinny jeans with high-heels/ Curvy- Boot cut jeans with nice shoes (heels or not))

      Hope this helps