Evolution of Online Dating?

Got into a discussion today about where online dating is heading in the next 20 years or so.

My friend thinks that online dating is going to become much more popular because with the separation you only have to share what you want. You don't have to share whatever you don't want and it removes the nerves and awkwardness of meeting people.

He thinks that online dating will be the primary source of meeting potential partners in the next 10 years.

In the next 20, he thinks that we'll actually be dating computers. We'll have smart houses that regulate the temperature, do the dishes, prepare meals, etc on its own. These houses will have voices similar to GPSs now. Because of this, we won't need to have real partners, and we'll fall in love with our computers instead.

I brought up that sex is lacking. That people want sex and visual stimulation. He said that virtual reality is so good now, that it will only improve over the next 20 years where that will be covered. We can either see things so real that it feels real, or they will come up with something that stimulates feelings along with what is being seen.

What do you think? Do you think that's where the future is going? If you could get pleasured virtually, where the result is the same without the effort of picking up someone would it be as appealing, or more so?


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  • I feel like no matter how good virtual reality gets people can always tell the difference between that and the real thing; it's just not the same. I do think online dating will grow in the coming decades, but I just don't believe it will ever replace actually meeting people and getting to know each other face to face. A relationship where you only know the person as they want you to see them isn't really a relationship, it's a lie. If you're not showing yourself completely to that person, they don't really know you and that's going to hurt any emotional connection you have, which is why I think actually dating someone and going out together, no matter how awkward or nerve-wracking it is, will stay the preferred way of dating.

    • I completely agree with you, he just argues pessimistically that people don't want to deal with a whole person, that selfishly they want to only deal with their problems and just have completely willing partner. People would rather have the lie of their ideal person who is as shallow as they make them. Thanks!

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  • I agree that online dating is only going to become more popular in the future but I doubt if we'll ever date computers. That's more sci-fi fantasy than foreseeable technology. It's easy to say we'll be dating computers in 20 years but remember that we were supposed to be driving flying cars by now.

    While we will in the not to distant future, be able to create computers with more processing power than the human brain, actually constructing software that can convincingly imitate the behavior of a human is one hell of a task. No machine to date has convincingly passed the Turing Test and I doubt we'll see one anytime soon.

  • I agree that online dating is becoming much more evolved, especially for younger and younger people. It is not just for people who have kids, don't have the time to go out, or are too old to be in that "mate" sort of mind frame. I disagree with the fact that we will be dating computer, although I'm assuming he brought it up to dramatically make a point or to be funny (which is really is).

    I personally think that people have a rapidly growing idea in their head of what they think they want in a partner, this is dangerous I think. People are meant to be with people, souls with souls. Not love decided on a click of a button, but a last second flight change, where your buddy can't go with you and you end up sitting next to the one. The cab in the pouring rain where you let the girl go in first even though you are late for a meeting, and end up seeing her sitting by herself 3 days later. These scenarios that fate presents us can't be found on the internet. At least not how it should be in my opinion.

    The human aspect of life is something no technology can replace and even though we think we need to depend on these machines, we really don't.

    • Thanks for your input. I agree with you. At the same time though, you said that the idea of what they want in a partner is a growing idea, and a dangerous one. It's only dangerous if it grows into something like the future above right? Where you have an idea so set, that you don't want to deal with human flaws, emotions, anything you didn't want.

  • I've seen too many kids engrossed into playing video games all the time. Most of the games are extremely violent and these kids are constantly killing people in the games. I truly believe these games are anesthetizing these kids from actual human interaction. So many kids are using guns to kill people to solve an argument or to take the shoes and jacket Johnny has that they don't. Where did they learn these savage morals? Not from their lousy parents and certainly not in school. These games are teaching kids to kill. Just as well all this texting they are doing only further isolates them from developing any social skills. They have forgotten how to use a telephone and actually SPEAK to someone. It's gotten so easy for them to communicate by hiding behind a computer again the only skills they have are being little savages. It's easy to sweet talk a girl over a computer but when the little savage must deal with her in person he can't tolerate mood swings and social interactions. He's likely to pick up his gun, hold it like some gangsta and just kill her to shut her up. This is the future unless these kids somehow learn social graces, chivalry, manners and just how to get along with people.

    • Well, I'm on the side that nothing virtual can replace sex, though I'd like to hear some debate or opinions on it. This being said, I also disagree that violence and killing has increased because of video games. If a child says they shot someone because they saw it on a video game, I can only blame the parents, not the video game. And I don't think many children blame their crimes on video games. I think that people can sense the difference between real life and virtual reality.

    • Dude, people have been savage since the dawn of man, don't blame the gaming industries. its in human nature to be violent, and expelling that violence in a controlled enviroment is actually a good thing. we do need to teach our kids better however, but don't blame the " little savages" there are no bad kids only bad parents. and I doubt that we will ever see a future completly controlled by comp.'s I mean come on? look at the jetsons, do we have flying cars and conveyor belt side walks? No

  • I would call it online matchmaking. You're not dating unless you meet in person. But finding a match online helps you find one person who wants to meet you just as much as you want to meet her.

    But meeting a match in a civilized environment (ironically it can be the internet) is better than meeting someone up to chance.


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