How to keep her interested / make her come back to me?

I broke up with my girlfriend a year ago after we dated for 3 and a half years. Right after the break up, she "rebounded" onto another guy but she has been with him till now. I stopped talking to her in order to move on and I thought I did. However, I started talking to her again and I find out that she still has feelings for me and that things are not the same with her current boyfriend. Even though I thought I moved on, this messed me up, and I started to have feelings for her again.

The main thing is that I am going to college in a month and I wanna keep my options open. Even though our relationship was awesome most of the time, it had some downsides. However I would be interested in possibly dating her again in the future if things got worked out and we matured more (we started dating at 14. I'm 18 now). How do I keep her interested in me without sacrificing too much and always putting myself out there for her? Also, how do I make her come back to me? (if ever). She was truly an awesome girl and my first love.

now things are getting a little more difficult. I leave for college in a week and I guess she is different than who I thought she used to be. although there are hints to her former self, I feel as if she has changed. I still like her, but what do I do


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  • You can't make her go back to you now.

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