Why do girls do this?

Why is it that sometimes when we are on a date with you yall have to bring up some guy in a conversation? honestly of all the girls I've went out on a date with this has happened to me twice and I have replied with this answer when the girl is rambling about some other guy: Damn can you shut up already? if I would've known you were gonna talk about "the guy" so much maybe you should've gone out with him instead. And both were surprised by my answer but seriously we do not give a f*** about that, when we are with you our attention is on you maybe not our full but hey we're guys its in our DNA to wonder off its not like we talk about our past hookups on a date which is pretty much the equivalent of what my situation was so yea, you know what guys give me some of your opinions too


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  • Honestly I agree mate, unless its their genius brother or father it doesn't really mean sh$t to me. I have made my rule if a girl talks about another guy during an early date there is no point continuing cause eventually when you go to her house there will be pics of all her 'friends' on her wall and it will drive you nuts lol

    btw that's just my personal view : )

    • Lolol I actually agree with this dude!! defo

      and I'm the sort of girl who wouldn't talk about an ex because it would annoy me if a guy did.

      girls can be pretty selfish at times when it comes to that kinda stuff lol

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  • LOL wow you really tell it like it is! I agree with you though, I personally wouldn't talk about a past hook up either, but I Think girls do it because they're bored.

    • Haha I don't know you girls have a very different view of things compared to how guys see it I'm just saying it gets annoying when girls do that, some of my friends have gone through the same thing, hell I think every guy has probably gone through or will eventually get into this position lol

    • I pledge I will not talk about a guy in front of a date ;) LOL

  • tbh .at least were being honest with you :P so you know about our ex's rather than us being like was she an ex after you talk to some girl you know.

    soo CHILLAXE man just go with it ! and if it really annoys you that much cut her off in the middle of her sentence and be like do we really want to be talking about ex's and she will prob laugh and be like no .well I would.although I don't talk about ex's on dates lol

    • I agree with your answer lol its not like I screamed it out or anything it just bothered me the first time it happened, but I actually did cut her off I said it in a sarcastic way to those girls I didn't say it like I was pissed or anything haha thanks for your insight though

    • No probs :D unless she talks about them 24/7 I wouldn't worry :) x

  • lol.probably cause the date was boring and that's the first thing that hit their mind. They were probably lying anyway,just trying to look good. I see it really annoyed you a lot to were you went off,funny tho.

    • It WAS interesting until she brought up the subject, yet I still ended up dating this girl haha funny what a beautiful girl can do to the male mind lol

    • Awww, so your still dating her =)............................

  • Most of the time girls do it:

    1: to impress you

    2: to see if you are listening

    3:to get your attention

    4:to let you know that she does have other guys interested in her,so its not like she has to stick around.

    And when they do bring another guy up, (even though its funny how you retaliated.) just say something like(of course if you really like them)

    "why'd you break up" or something so you don't make the same mistake.

  • maybe you go out with the wrong female and when I female get hurt it is hard to get over it and when a man get hurt they just move on ans this question for me why when a man get hurt they get move on they did not care about the woman they was will

    • Probably because we are real with a girl and if she hurts us why shouldn't we move on? why stick with someone who was willing to tear us down? that is why a lot of guys are not willing to commit and just play the field, but that's just my opinion

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