Who is the problem here, me or him?

This guy and I, were interested in each other romantically. Yesterday and today I had a fight with him. I was attacked by a stray dog, and while I wasn't hurt, I came very close to being hurt. It's face had already made contact with my leg. It was an attack alright, not just a brush. It came running full speed towards me.

After that, panting, I called him. On 2 apps. No answer. I needed to talk to someone about it. I sent him a "dogs, jeez!" Message. 2 hrs later I texted again, saying "you're ignoring me. What if I were in the hospital?" He replied 3 hrs later and didn't even return my call nor did he ask at was wrong. Only said that he dient ignore me.

He is always like this. Never immediately withib 30 minutes reachable. Always takes hours. And when I'm with him, I've seen how he ignores his friends' calls and messages. So I think he's doing the same thing to me.

He thinks I'm being dramatic by saying that I could've landed in a hospital following a dog attack. He was bitten once, he survived. So he couldn't see how traumatic that close call for me was. And he says he's always like that, takes his sweet time to reply.

I just want to feel special, I guess. I've never had a boyfriend, never even had a guy romantically interested in me. So I expect him to treat me differently than the way he treats his other friends. And when he doesn't, I get hurt and mad.

So who is the problem here? Him, for taking his time to reply to messages and not treating me in a special manner, or me, for wanting to be treated in a special way and prioritised in his life?
Who is the problem here, me or him?
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