Guys: Does it mean really doesn't want to talk to me anymore and there is no chance of getting back together?

My boyfriend of 3 1/2 years broke up with me about 2 months ago. I basically moved out quickly after as we were living together. We really haven't had much contact since the break up.

His birthday was about 2 weeks ago and I decided to call and wish him a happy birthday. I was expecting to leave a message but he actually picked up the phone. I kind of said a quick happy birthday and that I had to go.

My birthday was 4 days after his. He decided to text me a happy birthday from him and my former roommates. He also said that he hoped that I have a great year.

That has pretty much been the contact. I was just wondering that since he hasn't attempted to contact me in any way, does that mean he wants nothing to do with me now. That there is no chance of us ever getting back together?

P.S. It wasn't a bad break up, no one cheated. He said that he had some issues with himself that he couldn't work on and work on the relationship at the same time. We both cried the whole night and he kept saying he was sorry and didn't know what else to do.


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  • It is interesting to note that he 'had things to work' on but yet he couldn't keep his focus on the relationship between you and him. Sounds like he just wanted out. For the whole birthday thing, he sent you that text because you call him on his bday. He was just being respectful and nice. If he is making no contact with you at all and you guys didn't end on a bad note...that sounds like he is really trying to move on. He has gone the most mature way when it comes to break ups. But I wouldn't freak out so much because eventually...he will call or text you back to talk. When will that be? I have no clue. You shouldn't wait for it...keep your self busy and be happy. Take care.


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  • It sounds like the only reason he wished you a happy birthday is because you called him when it was his birthday.


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  • It sounds like he was just being nice and is moving on with his life, hence no contact. He may have issues to work on but usually things like that are a bit of lame excuse unless you yourself know what those issues he has that he wanted to work on but couldn't in the relationship. I think if someone wants to be with someone, they will make the effort to stay in the relationship and talk with the person and see if there are ways to stay together whilst he sorted himself out, but he choosed to bow out of the relationship and do his own thing.

    You were being nicer to him, by ringing him and he sent you a text instead. You probably did somewhere expect him to return the favour, but he didn't. Him not contacting you but contacting you on your bd, is not him wanting to get back together, if he did you would know about it and not have a question on here. But he is just being friendly that's all. Nothing else in it

    I think although you moved out and stuff after the break up, you are not over him. You haven't moved on. I guess you still have feelings for him. You need to keep busy and get on with your life. Go out and enjoy yourself with some friends, start a new hobby


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