Black guys- Would you go back to dating black girls after you've had a white girl?

please answer yes or no and why not? details!


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What Guys Said 1

  • They're all just girls, really. I go back and forth. Most of the people who see a difference, decide to see it; it has nothing to do with the girls themselves.

    • But don't you find a different/higher attractiveness for one?

    • No.

What Girls Said 1

  • i personally don't think they care ! ass is ass ! white or black x

    • White girls can hop in the shower nd get it sexily wet, they don't wrap thier hair at night, thier hair can spell good like shampoo and guys can runt thier fingers through it.

    • Cant black girls do that ?

      im pretty sure you have hair and can get wet - I have to wrap my hair at night too cos its super thick and I'm a white blond blue eyed english girl x

    • No it gets undone lol.. nd cool that's interesting

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