Dating for 1 month, wants to buy me an iPod touch?

I've been dating this guy for 1 month, and everything had been going very smoothly.

Tonight, I mentioned that I wanted to get a new iPod, and that I was planning on putting aside a certain amount of money from my job for it.

Immediately he told me he would give me the money for it. When I told him it wasn't necessary, he said that he wanted to make me happy, and that it made him happy to make me happy.

But we've only been dating 1 month.. And I feel awkward accepting that much money from him.

Should I accept it? And if not how do I turn him down without offending him?


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  • If you accept it you might feel obligated to him and he might ask you to do things for it... their is a word for it I just can't think of it...


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  • He's either insecure and trying to establish himself as a provider, or trying to get you in bed. accepting it is up to you and your conscience, but if you decline just tell him "But we've only been dating 1 month.. And I feel awkward accepting that much money from you"


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  • I wouldn't accept it so soon because you wouldn't want it to seem as if you ''owe him something'', maybe in a few months it will be OK to accept these expensive gifts from him. For now tell him that its fine and that you can save up and get it on your own and if he surprisingly buys it for you either way then you can keep it. :)

    • Very true on the part of him buying it either way after you decline. Because of you decline it removes any obligations period, which means if he were to buy it still, there would be no foundation in him requesting anything from you for it because you had already told him no when he offered. I would have to agree to just turn it down and save as planned and if you get it from him anyways then heyitslinda is right free ipod.

  • Hey, free iPod.

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