Should I tell him I miss him or will it scare him?

Been seeing a guy 3 months. He texts me every day, but since the very early days has not said how he feels. He's now working away and I'm not going to see him for 3 weeks and am really missing him. Should I text him that I miss him or will that scare him away? Am I better just sending light hearted messages and saying something when I next see him?

Guys - any opinions?


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  • Tell him. It is very sweet, and it is how you feel. Say "I miss hanging out with you," or "I'm looking forward to when you come home so we can spend more time together."

    After three months he should know whether he really likes you and sees a relationship in the future, or whether he doesn't. If saying you miss him scares him away, he had already made his mind up anyway, and you're not losing anything. If he has feelings for you, it will give him warm fuzzies and keep him thinking about you until he gets back.

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