So I know my boyfriend is getting on dating sites...?

so I caught him on dating sites so I decided to get on some myself to see if I could find him on ne others ones and he came to my house just now and saw it and I told him y and he flipped out and left. see the thing is I cheated on him see other questions for all details well yesterday he told me if a girl that was good looking enough came up to him then he would f*ck them I'm freaking out I know I did wrong what should I do I'm freaking out


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  • I know you two still love each other, and want to make things work. But its not going to work out, in this condition.

    He is obviously still hurt about you cheating on him. He is trying to get back at you. He loves you, but he probably wants revenge as well. Its messed up, but love makes us do crazy things. He said he would f'ck a chick, to get you mad. Which worked. I can't say he wont, but he just might really do it. We all deal with pain differently. I know some people who sleep around to get back at their loved one. Or just to get their attention. Your boyfriend could be doing both. Revenge, and at the same time to show you how much you hurt him.

    If you two continue this, you will both be playing games with each other. You seem to not trust him, and he obviously doesn't trust you. And it just won't work.

    You can try talking to him, ask him what he really wants? From this. From you.

    But before you talk to him, you have to take time to figure out what YOU want, as well. Do you really want to be with him still? Do you want to work it out with him? Do you think it will work?

    Normally, when one cheats, the relationship can't go back to as it was. The pain will always linger, and the thought/images will haunt the relationship. But there are ways for it to work as well. It will be difficult but really hard. He will have to forgive you. Truly forgive you. And both of you will have to become very open with each other. And totally honest. About everything, including your feelings. It will be hard for him, because he is still holding back from you, after what you did. And that's why you should talk to him, before the games get bigger. You have to put an end to these games, and either start a new, or move on.

  • sit down and have a long conversation about your intentions for the future and straight out ask him if that statement was just a way to hurt you back. Most likely it was, at least if he is a good guy it was. Only you know that. Sounds like communication is majorly slacking. Take the initiative and calmly talk about it. If you both can't get over trust issues, I'd say best bet is to split up and take these lessons with him and apply them to future relationships.

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