How to get him to stop texting?!

I went to school with this guy a few years ago and we recently got connected again. At first it was cool to text him every now and then, but now it's gotten bad.

He texts me pretty much every day and if I don't answer to 'hey', he calls over and over again. Seriously, I NEVER answer to any of the texts he sends or the attempted calls he gives. But he still won't get the hint.

My friend even texted him back from my phone (saying I was busy, which I was) and said 'she doesn't want to talk to you. She will call if she wants to!' But apparently he thought she was joking because he texted again like the next day.

Now, I don't like it one bit when guys are that clingy, but he has said before that he likes me. So I don't want to hurt him by saying 'dude, stop texting me'.

So how do I make him get the hint without being mean about it?


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  • Ah, been there you are right now. But my guy was more like an extreme stalker.

    But anyways I just ignored all of his calls and texts and after some time he finally got the hint and sent me a "Goodbye forever I will never call you again" text. Which he apparently forgot after 1 week and started it all over again.

    I got mad and told him the truth that I don't want him to text me. It always works and it stopped.

    Just tell him the truth that you feel uncomfortable with him doing that and he should respect what you feel and stop it. That's the only way.

    If you're nice about it he will probably think that you're joking again and start after som time.

    Ps. Ignoring calls and texts all the time is actually mean also. :P

    • Thanks. Haha and I know it's mean, but leading him on by responding is more mean. :P

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  • You're not going to hurt him by telling him that you're annoyed and that you want him to stop texting you.

    You're only going to hurt yourself and create more sh*t for yourself if you don't.

  • 'i don't do men anymore' tends to help :P, but yea you just tell him the 'dude, stop texting me'. at least then he finnaly gets it, and if he's mentally OK he'l get over it


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  • Block his number from your cell