Where to take her for a first date?

I just got my license and I wanna take this girl I've liked for a year out on a date. She knows I like her, and she might like me back (I got some mixed signals...). The one time I did talk to her she was on the other side of the table but she always looked me in the eyes and put her legs out straight to my side really close to me. Then on my birthday she didn't say anything, even though she was online, to name some examples.

Where should I take her? I've only talked to her once so a movie doesn't present a lot of opportunity to get to know her. And if she says she can't should I try again or take it as she doesn't wanna go out? Thanks.


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  • You could take her

    1. Restaurant

    2. Bowling

    3. Beach

    4. Fair/Carnival

    Just say " hey I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me sometime like say (time & place) ? and she how she responds...if she says she can't then say OK that's kool..mayb another time up to you. So she knows that she could ask for the date too. If she doesn't end up asking you then don't bother but you could try see if she wants to hang out with you but as a group 1st mayb tht way she might feel more comfortable...rather than it being a date and might b awakward silences if you know wt imean. :) hope it works out for you :) xo


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