Help! Do guys kiss girls they don't have any feelings for?

Me and my ex boyfriend were out the other day, it was just us two. He kissed me 2 or 3 times, but long kisses not short pecks. He also would sit very close to me when he sat next to me, playfully try to push me over, at one point he sat on me whilst I was lay down, he also offered both his hands to help me up when I was sat on the floor, gave me his jacket because I was cold and refused to take it back even when he was cold too.

However a few nights before that we had had a conversation about it and I had admitted that I was sexually frustrated and had in the end agreed that he would take a condom to the place we were going, just in ase. Near the end of our evening out (it was out in the countryside) he told me he couldn't find the tin in which he keeps his condoms so doesn't have one.

I asked him the next day what the kisses were about and he said that they were because he was trying to cheer me up because he knew I was expecting more. However surely you wouldn't just kiss your ex to try and cheer them up if you didn't have any feelings for them? And I'm pretty sure at least one of the kisses was before he even told me he didn't have a condom.

Also at one point I was sat at the top of a big rock and he ran up it and nuzzled my nose with his nose for a few seconds, this was near the beginning of the evening. So what does this mean? Why would he act like this if he didn't have any feelings for me whatsoever?

We were going out over a year and he broke up with me 3 months ago.


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  • That's so cute. I wish my ex would do stuff like that.

    Just putting it out there, guys DO kiss girls they don't have feelings for. Just like girls do with guys.

    BUT, you have a special circumstance... you guys went out already. So we know he at least USED TO have feelings for you. Maybe he does. He was being awefully cute and playfull. If he really didn't want anything more with you, he would cut off physical contact beyond a hug. that's just my oppinion though. unless he wants you as a f*ck buddy...


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  • clearly he likes you... lol, men don't kiss girls they don't like.


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  • It sounds like he misses being around you. I don't think guys normally do this ha at least, my ex and I don't do this lol. He knows we're done so he doesn't try anything when we do get together from time to time with friends.

    Maybe wait for more guys to answer but it sounds like he wants you back.

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