Is it a bad idea to hang out or talk to your boyfriend's ex?

His ex is persistent and won't leave us alone. She wants to meet me and wants all of us to hangout. This is shortly after she said she wanted him back. Should I just befriend her and then show her that he loves me not her? Or what should I do about her wanting to be in mine and my boyfriends life?

My boyfriend won't tell her how serious he is with me. She knows that he lives with me through what his family has told her but he won't tell her how much I mean to him and how he moved on. He tells me he only wants to be with me and has chosen me.
Then why won't he tell her how serious we are getting.


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  • if you want to be her friend and explain things to her, it is a noble and decent thing to do. However, will she be as decent as you? or will she backstab? if she says she wants him back I'm assuming she's not seeing anyone and wants to be a third wheel. In this situation you are seriously risking losing him!

    I think this is the one time where you or your boyfriend need to explain to her, even if it is a little rude that you don't feel comfortable with her hanging out with you. Or the easy way would be... don't answer her calls or texts and don't call her. In other words give her time to get over him.

    It is really up to you though.

    • Ya she won't stop e-mailing him. she lives in another town (their hometown). he hasn't responded to her last e-mail that said she wanted to meet me. I didn't know if I could just bite the bullet and be civil towards her and allow him to be friends with her or not. Wasn't sure if it was a good idea. He said that he doesn't know what to say to her so that's why he hasn't e-mailed her back.

    • Yeah, don't do it. The way I see it, she is trying to take him back in a nice way. Tell her you're busy at this time, you are volunteering, or working , or studying or family or something... and keep him busy. And yeah be honest with him, tell him you're not comfortable hanging out with her, and he should understand.

      I think its a bad idea to be too civil with her in this situation.

    • Thankyou for the advice. It makes me so angry that she is trying to do this. I have been with him for almost a year. She left him for somebody else now she wants him back now that he is happy and she is not. Makes me so angry that she is doing this to him and me ugh. Do you think it would be childish if I asked my boyfriend to tell her that he loves me and wants a future with me and so he can't be friends with her? I am afraid that if he says that then she will want him even more.