Where do I go to meet women?

Ive been having the problem lately of wondering where do I go to meet women? I don't want to go to bars or clubs I'm not the type I get very uncomfortable in those settings, and I'm a shy guy as it is, so I don't need any more to contribute to that issue. I live in Maine (for those of you out of the USA its pretty boring here nothing really goes on at all). I'm 22 I don't go to college, and I'm not supposed to really do it when I'm at work. My interests are geeky things, and I could care less about joining activity groups and charity functions. and I'm not trying to do a one night stand either I'm trying to meet someone to possibly have a relationship with. and I'm trying online dating now and its not going so well. where do I go?


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  • coffee houses, transportation (buses/trains, etc), sports clubs (exercising)


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  • try different dating sites there are tons of them a lot that are free too.