Drunk and kissed my best friend :( !

This is how it happened:

invited to this party----> tequila shots(my favorite)----->

got drunk-----> kissed my best friend!

he hasn't called since then!

it happened 4 days ago!

i don't know what to do :( !

i don't have feelings for him!

please HELP


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  • It could have been much much worse to be honest, you should be thankful you weren't drunk enough for it to go further than a kiss, otherwise things would have been properly awkward between you.


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  • First off, what kind of kiss was it? And if you didn't have feelings for him... why did you kiss him?

    • It was a real kiss! a french kiss!!!

      i guess we were both drunk, I thought it was only for fun until he havnt responded to any of my calls :(

    • When we are drunk we do the things we wanted to do but never had the intestinal fortitude to do without some liquid courage. Take this time to make sure there isn't any feelings there that you may be denying. When he is ready, he will contact you. He might be really busy or some $h!T could have hit the fan that he is dealing with.

      If he is your best friend, you should be able to work through this. Good luck and I hope things turn out for you.

    • I think ure right!

      i really missed his company!

      thanks a lot

  • I have some tequila, feel free to come over and drink anytime. Maybe do it after?


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  • he's probably feeling awkward, and not really ready for how the talk will go when you guys do. in any case, don't stress out, I think he'll contact you back eventually

  • Oh my. Well if you were drunk, he really shouldn't take it too seriously.

    Unless he actually has feelings for you and realizes it was a drunk kiss, and maybe wanted more? I'm not sure. He should talk to you eventually, unless you've been trying to contact him..

    • Ive been trying to contact him:(

    • Is there any way you can just show up at his house to talk?

    • Ill give him a little space and hope he ll call...

      if not desperate things call for desperate measures :P