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What do I do about a girl I think I'm in love with?

So there is this girl and I like her she likes me. We have extremely good vibe when we are around each other. When we are together we can't keep our hats off each other, nothing sexual but in a love each other type of way. I have the up most respect for her. But there is a few problems. 1) she claims that she doesn't think if we start dating that it would work out (I don't believe she really believes that herself). 2) She says that my past for her is a problem (not graduating high school, using drugs). 3) her parents are against me, to the point she gets into fight with her parents about me, and she hides the fact she is with me from her parents. Now her dad doesn't know me but thinks I'm a drug addict and drug dealer. Mind you for this girl I've stopped everything I used to do and she knows it. Plus I'm trying to go back to collage because of her. So a few questions I have about what I should do. Should i go up to her dad and try talking to him to convince him I'm not the type of guy he thinks I am? Should I leave her alone and see if she comes back? Do I try to convince her not to listen to her parents and give me a chance? I really like this girl and I would do anything to make her happy. I just don't know if I give her a way out that she won't come back to me... she says ever since we started having a thing she can't stop thinking about me and that she hasn't felt this way with anyone before. Yet there was a few times where she has told me that she thinks we have to stop seeing each other, her reasoning is because she doesn't want me to think something sill end up happening and she will have to break my heart. What do I do?
What do I do about a girl I think I'm in love with?
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