Haven't heard anything yet the day after a great date. What does this mean?

I met this girl at my job. Saturday. We hung out last night. We had a great time. You could tell by the look on her face she was really happy being around me. We had dinner and then I took her to the beach and we talked while looking at the water and stars. Eventually she leaned over and started kissing me out of no where.

Then again when I brought her home, she reached over and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth to hers and stared kissing me again. I said I had a great night as did she and we made plans for Monday. I joked, "Aw do I have to wait that long to see you again?" She smiled and said, maybe not, lets see what my week looks like. I told her to text me when she got home so I knew she was safe. She did. Again she said she had a great time. Now...I haven't heard from her at all today. It's 8:15pm.

I text her at 4 and gave her a call at 6:30 with a VM just asking how her day went.

What does this mean that I haven't heard from her yet? The reason I ask is because Mon-Fri she works 9am-5pm. I get a text about 6 or so like clock work everyday since I talked to her. So...what does it mean that I haven't heard from her the night after a great date? This is freaking me out a little bit... =(

One of my friends said to not contact her at all. Wait for her. We have plans for Monday. IF I don't hear from her by then, what should I do?
Ended up blowing me off. We had plans and she never contacted me...at all. It's too bad because we had a great time and I've never "clicked" like that before with anyone. =\ Moving on...


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  • Just relaaaaaaaaax. She obviously likes you and had a great time so there is no reason for her to not respond to you other than she's been busy/phone died/etc. Don't leave her any more messages or texts or you will start seeming desperate and clingy.

    • I figured, I just thought it was a little weird that all of a sudden nothing. So, if I hear nothing tonight, what should I do? Text later tomorrow night or...?

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    • Wow sorry about that man...what a bitch. she should have at least called you or something....

    • Yup, had plans, didn't talk to me at all days before hand, didn't answer my "Are we still on for tonight?" text, nothing. Yes, a bitch is putting it nicely though.

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  • Sorry to hear that. If it's any consolation I met a girl just this afternoon after chatting for weeks online and I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me (I am pretty sure I could see it in her eyes). So you're not alone!

    • Ugh, that's rough man. Sorry. That's happened to me before too. Meeting online is tough though.