Should I be mad at him?

OK so I just turned 17 and my guy friend didn't text or call to wish me a happy birthday. So my question is should I be mad at him? And how would you feel if your friend didn't tell you happy b-day?


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  • It's immature and sorta ridiculous to be mad. It's just a birthday, there's still time left for him to say something to you

    • Yeah but my b-day was 8 days ago I just don't understand him

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    • No he's a christian and I think the reason is he thinks its pointless

    • So don't worry about it than

  • Nononono, don't be mad. That's sort of immature. It's okay to be disappointed, but if my friend forgot to wish me a happy birthday I wouldn't think too much of it. Life goes on, you know?

    • Yeah I guess your right. Its just I can't believe he didn't text me or anything. But I will move on.

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