Would he make a good first boyfriend?

I'm a sophomore and I've never been kissed. It's not that I'm ugly, it's just that I'm waiting for the right guy. I think your first kiss should be shared with someone special. Guys never believe me when I say I've never been kissed because they say I'm pretty and nice. There's this guy I like. We were sitting in class and he asked if I would come sit next to him so I said sure. We were flirting, and if course some kid had to say that he had heard that I had never been kissed. I didn't even have the chance to lie because I turned super red and the guys realized that it wad true. About 30 min passed, I was still sitting next to my crush. When all of a sudden he said it was cute that I had never been kissed and I said no way! It's embarrassing! He shook his head and smiled at me and went back to work then later on that night he texted me. We were texting A LOT. He sent me a text if I was serious when I said I had never been kissed. I said yes with a frowny face. He wrote back that I didn't need to worry because he would be my first kiss. He joked around about coming to my house that night and kissing me but I said no because my dad would kill him lol. Next day I was playing with my puppy while we were texting. He asked me to send a pic of the dog to him so I did and he said he was cute. Then he said now send me a pic of u. I had no makeup on bun in my hair so I told him he needed to wait until I didn't look like a hot mess lol. He texted back saying he wanted to see what I looked like now. So I sent him the pic and he said I looked beautiful. I told him he was crazy because I didn't have any makeup on. And he said he couldn't tell because my beauty blinded him. He mentioned that I had green eyes. I said no silly I have light brown eyes. He said they looked green to him and they were a beautiful green. He's had other girlfriends and I'm scared that I'm gonna scare him off by not knowing how to kiss? Help?!


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  • If he really cares about you he wouldn't care that's how I am with this girl I'm dating

    • That's what I thought I wasn't sure because a few times I've heard guys make stupid comments about other girls like "I heard she's never been kissed. Don't waste your time." but now I know not all guys think the same. Thanks for the help :)

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  • are you a girl?

    if he has had other girlfriends he is probably not interested... if your a guy

    • Yeah I'm a girl. Thanks for the advice.

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