Why do guys hate calling their girlfriends and when the girls call they still get bothered and try to hang up?

every time I cal my boyfriend he's too busy and has to go if not he tells me he's hanging out with his homies and will call me when he gets to his house.


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  • It isn't all guys who are like that. It, sadly, sounds like your boyfriend isn't very interested in you. You might want to talk to him about this because it looks like the relationship is heading into ruin because he's just "too busy" for you.

    Sorry! Also, try and get another opinion.

    • Well you now what as sad as it is to admit it I think ur right and it used to hurt my feelings but now its like I just let him do whatever he wants I mean whats the point of stressing over him the whole time right .. just last week I stopped really giving a f*** and now that I stopped calling him he bitches at me that what am I doing .. so I don't know what to think

    • You can tell him, "Why should I call you if you're never going to spend time with me? If you're too busy with your friends to hang out with me? I'm not going to be the only one holding this relationship together, you need to help too."

      How does something like that sound?

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  • He sounds like he's not that interested. There is another guy out there who would love to call you!

    • Well you know what it is kinda sad that sometimes you don't notice things until someone tells you ..... I mean I know there's something wrong but maybe I have to learn to respect my self and not be so passive

    • We all have made that mistake at one point in another!