"Secrets to attract women"--BS or not?

First off, this is not an ad. This is me, a regular guy on this site, wanting to get anyone's, but mainly women's opinions on the various websites out there that try to sell us men this or that "system" on how to best attract women. These things are expensive, but yet somehow men and women have figured out on their own how to meet up, have families, make babies, and fill the world with too many people. So I wanna know if these "systems" are largely a crock, or if there's any legitimacy to them.

Most sites that sell a "system" to attract women talk about revealing "secrets" that women supposedly don't want revealed. I've seen suggestions that women even WANT men to fail in their dating efforts. I've seen various things that talk about how women "test" men and play these indirect games to determine interest.

For example, one "system" supposedly offered by a woman says on the page, "Never before has a woman thrown out the rulebook and exposed every last intimate secret about what it takes to get a great woman." -- what the hell is this "rulebook"?!?

Next example from another system: "MISTAKE #9: Not Knowing EXACTLY What to Do in Each Type of Situation with Women" -- So what about this one? How on earth, when I have almost NO dating experience with women after being around for even 26 years, am I supposed to just KNOW EXACTLY how to act PERFECTLY in every dating type situation?

I won't waste time and paste a bunch more quotes. I think if you've read this far that you get the idea.

So, WOMEN: Do you gals REALLY have some sort of "secret unspoken rulebook" where you keep some sort of unspoken pact of making it difficult on guys who want to date you? If you're interested in a guy who shows interest in you, why not just be open and direct about it?

Would everyone's lives not be SO much easier to not have to beat around the bush all the time?

Women and Men: What's your overall opinion of all the tons of websites trying to sell a "system" to guys on how to meet and date women? Are these sites BS, legit, or somewhere in between? Why would they be needed now if dating and mating has worked itself out without seminars for all of humanity's existence? After all it wasn't magic that got 6 billion people on this planet.

Opinions please?

Funny how when I'm asking about if women have 'rules' that they collectively hide, absolutely no women respond. lol.


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  • My opinion is that you have been reading far too many e-books which is evident in the fact that you CAPITALIZE all of the letters in a word to add emphasis. This made me feel like you were advertising until you didn't product namedrop.

    Yes I will admit that a lot of the stuff out there works but some of it doesn't. Much of the success that people experience involves gaining confidence and changing their mindset. Take the parts that seem useful to you and use them.

    If you want to talk more in depth about this stuff you can add/message me.

  • It might be magic