She ended up asking if I ever kissed a girl, which I haven't.

So a girl I've known for about a month recently found out I was a virgin. I'm 21 by the way. She keeps sending me those questionnaire text messages that ask what I think about her and each time she replies with cute, sexy, and the last one she said I was " A+ = Id do you". And each time we hangout with friends she always asks me to take her home

Anyways when we get together to drink and party she's almost always right by my side even though she knows everybody there. She kept rubbing up against me or grinding as you would call it and actually grabbed me if you know what I mean. Then last night we hung out and I was sitting in a room trying to get a little sober and fall asleep. Well she comes in sits right by me asks me if I'm a virgin. I didn't want to lie so I said yes. Her response was " Aww that's cute". I layed down and dozed off for a few minutes and she came back and tried to wake me up and ends up grabbing me and showing me her boobs (which were very nice I might add) when I wouldn't wake up. Anyways she ended up asking if I ever kissed a girl, which I haven't. She then believe it or not said close your eyes and proceeded to teach me how to kiss. Well we talked a bit and she gave me some more tips if you catch my drift.

I know its a lot to read but bare with me. Anyways I'm still a virgin. This girl is cute as hell and very sexy but I'm having trouble figuring out what to do since this is probably the first girl I've been in contact with. Yea I know its sad but what can you do.

So help a brutha out and thanks for reading my sad little story.


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  • She wants to f*** you bro, what are you waiting for

  • I really don't see the dilemma here. If you're concerned about maintaining your virginity until marriage, then don't let her be the one to break your streak. If not, and you wouldn't mind her being your "first," then make a move. She's making it blatantly obvious that she's interested. Be a gentleman, proceed cautiously and make sure the intentions of both parties are made aware of (i.e. she may think physical contact is approval of a serious relationship whereas you might not. Make sure you know where you both stand first before proceeding as to not hurt anyone's feelings).

    And above all else, always wear protection.