I don't date guys who go clubbing. Is it a problem?

I don't go clubbing myself. One of ex-boyfriends went clubbings quite a lot and we had lots of fights on that; he has also cheated when he went clubbing with some friends. And I have party friends who've told me what sh*ts they do / have done at clubs. So clubbing kinds became a turnoff for me. Don't get me wrong. I know clubbing people can be nice people, and I have no problems being friends with them, but it just doesn't seem like I want to date guys who go clubbing anymore.

I recently met a guy and things were going fine. He seems to be a nice guy. What became a problem is that he told me he's not a party person, but turned out that he would go drinking and clubbing, so now I kinda hold back because the attraction started to go away since I knew that.

Is it a problem? I mean, I know guys who don't go clubbing, so I know they exist, but most guys who come to me or who I'm attracted to love partying. Should I just try to get out of my comfort zone and date guys who go clubbing?


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  • No, clubs are not a good place to develop a friendship or anything more, and are often places where hookers hang out...so I don't blame you for not trusting clubbing guys.


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