Why would a guy ask you out on a third date, but never go on that date?

I had a great date with a younger man last week, and at the end of the date he asked me if I would like to do something with him again that Friday. I said sure but it never happened nor in this past week has it happened, although he told me on the phone he wanted to see me, after he had to go out of town on a family emergency.

He and I met online last year but never met until this year, we lost touch and actually had some disagreements on the phone before we ever met. Our first date lasted 20 minutes and I got up and walked away. We talked later that night and agreed to have a second date, which is the one that went so well. Very much a gentleman, a few kisses here and there and very sweet. I guess yeah it would have been our third date then. I thought for sure we were going in the right directions after that. why play the game? is it because he is 29 and I am 42? Don't get it...


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  • Men are confusing in general, somethings you think you get them - but you really don't.

    But may I ask what's so intriguing about this person?

    and how long did you know him? and how did you meet him again?

    To be bluntly honest if he's giving you the hot and cold shoulder then why don't you simply move on and find someone that's worth your time?

    He's 29, and you are 42, not to say that age matters but don't you think there is an age gap? I've dated a guy that is older then me by 7 years and also dated a guy that is younger then me by 2 years but what I've realized is that we were both at different phases of our lives. I've gone through things that the younger ex didn't and the older boyfriend have gone through things I didn't.

    Unless there is something super special about this guy (i.e. well establish in his career, has his own house and is stable enough to give you a relationship) then I say forget this whole ordeal and move on to someone that is well worth it.

    • DdWell I did forget about him, I am just not used to games or why they are played. My ex ws 20 yaers older than me so the age difference is not an issue for me. that lasted 6 years, quite awhile ago. I realized this is really not a man, but a boy if he is acting this way! thanks for your thoughts thouse. most appreciated.