Should I call a girl? I brought her lunch and texted her to call me when she's not busy?

So there is this girl I have been courting if that is the right word. She is going through a divorce. She tells her friends we are friends and we had a hardcore make out session. Well I brought her lunch at work she thanked me and hugged me. well I text her after I left and told her to call me sometime when she has a free time to chat. Mind you she has two kids.


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  • Sure why not? just keep in mind she maybe juggling a zillion things at once (like divorce and kids to name two) so don't be all sore if you don't get the reply you want or expect.

  • I say yes but if she doesn't like your answer.Tell her you want to watch her kids they're get you points but is she hot >_>?

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    • Watch her kids....hell no...but she is hot lol

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