HELP with 'adult' dating!

I am 19 and the guy I am 'dating' is 24.

He is the first guy I have ever really 'dated'

Dating as a 19 year old is different from dating as a 24 year old.

What should I expect?

How long is it usually before a guy contacts you after a date?

Should I always wait for him to call or text first?

Should I expect much texting or calls in between dates?

What is the progression from dating to exclusive to a couple?

What is the time line usually like on this?

Any info would be great!



Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol sweetie, you're overthinking this..I promise you. It's really not that different. It's actually pretty much the same. All through hs I dated guys my own age. Then I got college at 17 and since then I've only ever dated older guys that are at least 23+, the oldest being 26.


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