Current boyfriend recently active online profile? Help please

I have been dating a gentleman for nearly 3 months now, we met online, we have spent every weekend since our first date together (except this weekend, he is traveling) and he has been referring to me as his girlfriend to all of his friends. He had not been active on the site we met on for the last two months until this past week that is. He was active about 5 days ago and again last night after we spoke. How do I bring this up with him without drama and without putting him on the defensive or coming across as needy? Why would he all of a sudden be active? Could it be harmless...I need some advice please on how to address it or if I even should.

I let him know that it did not feel right at this point to remain active on the website and what did he think? He replied that he 'stopped paying for his membership 2 months ago' ...I guess I will C what he does now that he realizes I am paying attn?


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  • Talk it upfront.

    - Honey, why is your profile on active?

    Then, wait for his answer. Refuse to answer any of his questions about how did you find about it or anything untill he answers your question.


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  • Hes shopping around, maybe he can find something better, a latter model perhaps, you know how it is, boys will be boys...put up with it or find someone else if you can.


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