Aftermath of this first date?

Last night I went on a date with a girl I had been talking to for about a month. We both admitted to liking each other. This is how the date rolled out:

1) drove to her house

2) met the parents

3) drove to chipotle

4) ate chipotle

5) held hands as we walked around the plaza

6) sat down for a while

7) made out

8) cuddled

9) made out some more

10) drove her home

11) walked her to her door, asked her if she had a good time, and she said yes

12) kissed once more, and on the forehead

Throughout this whole thing, we were talking, laughing and such. Then this morning she tells me she just want's to be friends. She tells me that "there's just something that tells me it won't last". Mean while my mind is blown because we had a great time the previous night. She isn't willing to give me another chance. What the hell. Girls, what is up with this?


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  • idk, sound like it was a good date. she's probally in love with someone else or still hasn't gotten over an ex and needs some time alone. just leave her alone. then try to talk to her again in a month or two to see if she's willing to see you again.

  • maybe it's with lollipop said or maybe you two moved too fast.


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