Why are girls always willing to hang out, but when it comes time to hang out, they aren't down?

When I talk to girls online they're always like how come we never hang out or we never actually hung out? And then a couple of weeks/months pass and I ask them to hang and they flake or say I'm busy and then a week or two after that they do the same. So what's up?


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  • Cuz' we're too nice to say no. Trust me, if a girl turns you down, second time in a row you've asked her to hang, she's not interested and just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

    • I never was interested in these girls. I just wanted to hang as friends...

    • Well, that's weird then. Are you sure they know you ONLY see them as friends?

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  • Welcome to the natural wonder of female communication. Nothing is as it seems. Directness is replaced by subtle hints and secret codes. Every statement is a test. Every question is a trap. With the wisdom of years you'll learn to navigate it, but you will never come to understand it. It has a will of its own, and even the best of men are but toys in its jaws. Give up asking why. Simply watch for signs of storms on the horizon and have the courage to ride the swells as they come. If you're one of the lucky few, you'll stay on the surface until the reaper calls you number. If you're not, you'll join the rest of us in the mindboggling swamp where chewed up men are spat out to ponder the mysteries of female communication.

    • Genius.

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    • Haha and we get mad when guys can't figure us out.

    • Dude, that is genius!!!!!

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