How dateable are you?

Just a little game for fun
thumb up the users who you would date!


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  • Easy to get along with ✔️
    A little too opinionated ❌
    Straightforward ✔️
    Not very punctual ❌
    Decent looking ✔️
    Hopeless romantic ❌
    Take good care of how I look ✔️
    A little overbearing ❌
    In great physical shape ✔️

    There's tonnes of other positives and negatives but it'd take forever to list them all but the above mentioned things are what people usually look for while dating, so I mentioned them.

    My dating history suggests that I'm quite dateable! Although, I'm very good at hiding my flaws... so, I'd proceed with caution if I were you dating me. 😎

    • Hmm you sound familiar.

    • @Prima_Dana - Haha! Are you saying I'm generic or that we've talked on here before?

      If it's the later, I assure you... we've never had the pleasure of interacting on here before.

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