What is the highest number of people you dated at one time?

by dated I mean, talking to on the phone, going out and doing fun things, and hooking up.

How long did it go on for?

Did you end up being committed to one of them in the end?

How did it all end?


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  • I once dated 4 guys at once. But there was one specific guy that over shined the rest of the guys. He is now my current boyfriend.

    How did I end the other 3 dates? Well, when I'm first dating a guy or any guy, I always like to let them know from the very beginning that I am currently dating other people. And most guys understand that, I think it's the correct thing to do. So, I was very honest with them and told them that I found someone who pique's my interest, and I wished them good luck on their next date. They have all been very respectful about it, because I was very honest with them.


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What Girls Said 3

  • 7 at once, or 8, not sure. No commitment. No kissing. No sex.

    Lasted a couple of months.

    I didn't end up with any of them. lol

    Just dated.

    I got the flowers, chocolates, gifts, romantic dinners/lunches/breakfasts.

    None of them were my type though. I'm picky, I guess.

    They all ended in a really weird way.

  • Never happened to me. I always date one at a time. I don't know if you can call that dating if I'm only seeing one guy at a time. Usually, I'm either with a guy or just friends/acquaintances with a guy.

  • i actually had a couple at a time. but mostly they were all my friends and not potential boyfriends (I have more guy friends than girl friends)

    i was talking to one of the boys for 2months, I believe that was the longest.

    I ended up being committed to the guy that waited for 2 months.

    And it all ended when I got a bf.

    Are you in this particular situation?


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  • well,

    I find most people have different definitions of dating.

    By my definition of it (dating means spending time with opposite sex with potential for something a little more serious, physical contact/kissing ok, no sexual activity)

    3 at most