Would you date a short guy? How short is "too short" ladies?

Get Your minds out the gutters... LOL

What I mean is, I have been "PWN'ed" by women in the past because of my height... I am but 167cm tall (about 65 in? Sorry, I prefer metrics... LOL) And I am always told, "Oh, you are cute, for a midget", or, "Isn't it strange you're at eye level with my chest"... Or whatever... It ain't my fault you people actually got effected by the steroids in processed foods... LOL

But the question is, Would you date a short guy?

If yes, why?

If not, Why?


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  • I consider height the least important physical trait when it comes to finding someone attractive or not. Going by looks alone, I'd be more attracted to a short guy with a nice face and body than a tall guy with an average face and body. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority, though.

    • Makes sense... Besides, You are the only one that hasn't abandoned GAG yet that answered this question... LOL

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  • I wouldn't if he was 5'6" or shorter.. I wouldn't because since I'm short myself, I want a guy who is the opposite of me which is weird.. but whatever

  • I'm only 5'2" so I would be willing to date a short guy if he was a couple ins taller than me

    • Are you flirting with me, young lady...? LOL

      Seriously... It seems like I am a koala in a forest when it comes to dating... Not often I run into a woman shorter than me... Hell, while stationed in Japan, there were women taller than me... And I was under the impression that Japanese women were short... LOL

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    • I'm not actually, maybe me and my sister are a little different from most girls, a guy of any height can be cute most girls are just too shallow to see that

    • True.

      Well, All I can say is, height has been a stumbling block for me... "Short guys don't seem strong"... Well, as for me, I am 167cm tall 83.5Kg at 16% bodyfat. I am working toward 12%... I can carry on my back more than 120 kg on my back for 5KM. Most "taller" guys can't even do that! But then again, I served in the military... I was trained to do that. But I believe in strength of acton opposed to strength by perception. You are right... Women sometimes have warped perceptions..

  • yeah the last guy I liked was like 5'6 or something. he was cute, confident, funny, cool and athletic so he had a lot going for him.

    too short would be 5'4 like a little kid.

  • ermm to be honest having someone taller than you makes you feel like your being looked after by them. taller people come across as strong.

    if they are shorter than you its sort of the other way round..

    i got with a guy shorter than me not long ago and it was the weirdest feeling ever.. slightly leaning down to kiss him, rather than reaching up.

    im sure it feels weird for guys as well... but try going for small petite girls that are close to your height or smaller I guess.

    • Yeah, but where I live... Yeah... Nothing but trees in the guise of females... And when I do find someone of equal or lesser height, they are dating some basketball playing giraffe.... Eh, I was not really asking this for my sake, I'm alright... I am aware to not jump off curbs at risk of suicide... LOL But all jokes aside, Is it that weird for you?

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    • Well, I guess, I must find someone that is, I don't know... 147cm (about 58in) or shorter to compensate for your perspective, eh?

      Nevertheless, I get it... I don't really care for taller women to begin with anyway... But my issue is as I said... I see some rare find of a 157cm tall woman, that is ironically dating someone 180+ cm tall... It almost sems a bit unfair, if you ask me... LOL

    • Yeah it is unfair I guess.

      i don't really know how tall you are I don't understand the measurements you've used and I'm too tired to google them! lol but I'm 5ft 3, so I guess I'm kind of small. doubt your much smaller than me? I do like tall guys, not too tall that I have to reach on my tip toes to kiss them! but tall.. but I would go for someone who was my height, maybe an inch taller or whatever.. so HAVE HOPE! I'm just one person. my opinion means NOTHING really.. lol other people think different

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  • You are around 5'6".

    I agree with your thoughts. I did not eat genetically engineered chicken and now I'm just 5'7" (170 cm), and so about 92% of the female population does not care about my existence, and the other 7,8% would see me only as a friend due to not being physically attractive, and the final 0,2% would be interested but then my personality puts them off.

    By the way, those people who told you that should be lit on fire then thrown into the sea with a giant weight attached to their legs so they would have no chance to come on the surface again, so people would not learn from them how to be a total prick. Or have their legs cut off, maybe they would see the other side, and then we could laugh at them, bwahahahah...

    Yeah, I've been asking around why they want taller guys, even the 5'2" girls (157 cm) who want guys who are like 180 cm. There was no actual rational answer, they just said "oh we love to feel protected because that's just the way girls are."

    While it's actually just because they learn that the male gender should be bigger than them. We should totally raise our children not being told that this gender should be bigger and this should be smaller. I wonder what would happen.

    The american girls on this site tends to say they want 6 feet = 72 inches because that's a pretty number, and that's 182 cm. That's the "beginning of where a guy is tall enough". That's what I've gathered while looking around on this site, anyways. I sometimes wish these girls would suffer alone just like short guys do.

    • Heh, Just as cynical as I am... I like it!

      Nevertheless... While enlisted in the US army, I was officially measured as 65.5 in... But height fluctuates based upon joint positioning and what not... Can vary between +/-2.5 cm or whatnot. Well, I know in my line of work, people often second guess me... I am a Bodyguard... I get PWNed by female clientel by them saying ludicrus things like: "My I thought I was going ot get someone bigger..." I retort, "Not the size of the dog in the fight

    • But, The size of the fight in the dog... With as much fight in me, I should be 2 meters tall at 110 KG!" Needless to say, I agree with you 500%.