I've decided to stop texting my ex. Is there a chance he'll come around? Or is it too late?

So after my ex boyfriend broke up with me in February, he told me he wanted to stay in touch. We had hooked up a few times since then, the latest being 3 months ago. The thing is, I'm having a really hard time letting him go completely. I have been texting him periodically for over a month, just to say hi and I hope he's doing well, or to let him know of something that reminded me of him that made me laugh. Sometimes he would respond, other times he would ignore me, for days. I'm finding myself texting him once almost every day, and I'm afraid I'm blowing it. He hasn't said anything about it, but I don't want to be annoying either. Last week, I purse dialed him, and it went to his vm. He called me back within 10 min. He said, Did you just call me? I'm curious to know after ignoring my texts, why would he call me back? I'm confused, but hopeful. Help!


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  • I would say he was getting your texts and didn't respond to them as they were not important but when you rang he may have thought it was important that is most likely why he rang you back. If he wanted to chat with you more then he would have contacted you by text or rang you.

    The fact that he doesn't always reply to your texts says that he is getting on with his life and you should get on with yours too. Go out and have fun. See your friends and enjoy life. You don't have to sit around waiting for him to call or text you., there is more to life than that. Just keep busy