Could a guy really love a girl but want to have "other experiences"?

He says he's I and love with me and wants to be with me again, but feels as though he wants to have other experiences before he settles down.. is this love?


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  • It might be love, but you two will never be happy trying to be monogamous right now if he feels that way. Some people are perfectly happy in open relationships, but it means being willing to share. Maybe if you split up you will come back to each other, but things do change. When my ex and I split because I wanted more experiences, we hoped that we would get back together in a short while after I'd decided I'd had my fun. Instead we just kind of fell out of love, as each of us grew separately. It's not that there isn't love, just that people grow & change.

    • :( I understand.. thank u

  • He can care about you, but he's probably partially saying that to be nice. Most people need to date various people before they settle down, so this is normal. But usually if a guy REALLY wants to commit to a girl, nothing will stop him. So if a guy says that you, just let him go and move on.

    • Does it matter that I was his first girlfriend ever? is there any possiblity that this is love? and he's 17..

    • He's too young to commit to you. Sure he can love you but love does not mean he's going to stay with you forever. There are different kinds of love, and people still need to experience different people.

    • I understand