How to start conversation with girl you don't know at all?

I see girl in my school and she's so beautiful, somehow all I wanna do is speak with her
All I know about her is: she live in the same village that I live in and we are in the same school but not in the same class.
So any advice to start conversation with this girl and how I could start? How to start conversation with girl you don't know at all!?


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  • Say hello. Give her a compliment. Ask her out?

    • this seems well and good in theory but do women really respond well to the blind ask out

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    • your not losing anything you already don't have a relationship with this girl worst case is you leave with the same thing

    • What happened with you and the girl?

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  • Maybe just introduce yourself and say that you really wanted to talk to her and have seen her around then you could go into what classes she’s taking


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  • Hey! I heard you are from "Insert you town name"?

    She says yes

    Tell her you are from the same town too.

    She will get curious and interested. Ask her where the town does she live (i mean not her address but the locality). Let her know yours. Build the rest of the convo on your own.

  • Grab her by the pussy she'll have no problem telling u what's on her mind :) try finding out what she likes and get her a book ;)


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