she's my bestfriend?

So she's my bff but she's dating this guy and I like her but we tried already and we were to hard headed and stubborn you know, we both like winning and being right and we both always wanna be right do you think we can work or are we to similarShes my bestfriend?


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  • She looks stoned

    • We're always fried

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    • Incest is wincest my friend
      All g
      Be her brother and fuck her

    • So wise ahahaha thanks

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  • It's time to move on. Be friends with her but find someone you better mesh with romantically

    • It's weird because we are always told to find someone we have the same interests with and we are close because we've been through times, being arrested, partying same courses and when we get drunk we get lovey but the next day we go back to being like family, it's frustrating and we've talked about it but have never come to a conclusion, have you ever seen my best friends wedding with Julia roberts

    • no, i haven't

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