I just got up and left my on and off girlfriend. Was I the wrong one?

So my on again off again relationship with my girlfriend was in an off phase. Mainly because of the distance and she wanted a substantial girlfriend allowance. While in town we meet up the previous night and have a good time as usual but then demands I just drop her off at home because she has to "wake up early". So some kissing at drop off happens but nothing else. The next day she texts me that she is on the beach with her friend and for me to join. So I do. When I get there tho it's the most dismissive vibe I've ever felt. First she introduces me to her friend as her "ex" which I thought was insulting since u were kissing me less than 24 hours ago. Next the friend has no idea who I am and they both just talk to each other and nothing to me at all. I ask hey let's jump in the water..." no I just got back from the water". Next I try applying some lotion to her back and she yells don't touch me I'm serious ur pissing me off". after a few more minutes I was so pissed off and embarrassed I didn't say a word , got up , and just left. I didn't text her either. 3 weeks went by and she sent me a text" hey are u ok ". Should I have responded differently? was I right?


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  • Sounds like she deserved it

    • So what does a girl typically think when that happens?

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  • If she was joking about you being an "ex" that is something you should never joke around with your significant other. tbh she disrespected you a lot and sounds like she was in it just for the fun.


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