Do you think its wrong that a guy would get punished for being with an underaged girl, if she told him she's 18+?

With many girls 14+ they often make themselves look older and sometimes its really hard to tell


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  • Did she tell him she's 18+ (?)

    If she told him that, then he shouldn't be punished.


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  • Yes.
    If he has no reason to believe she is a minor, especially in situations where she has gone out of her way to make him believe she is legal, I find it hard to justify punishing him, because his actions were not predatory.


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  • Yeah because if not that opens the whole situation up for a whole lot of what if's. The guy could claim he didn't know, say the girl said she was 18 or older. Maybe if you're unsure, ask to see her licence or something that would give her actual age, or if you are unsure and don't want to risk it, don't date her.

    • I think if you ask anyone to see their ID to prove they are who they say they are, unless its your job, they will get annoyed at you...

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    • Maybe don't have sex with strangers? That seems like a pretty good rule all around...

    • You sound fun at parties...

What Guys Said 2

  • No. The guy should know full well what age a girl is. The guy should ask her questions like "where do/did you go to college" or something about her major and when she graduated. If she lies, she should be held accountable to some degree, but the man involved should have done what he could to know better

  • Of course it's wrong to punish someone who was with an underage girl. The guy had no idea and it's not his fault.

    This actually happened to Akon, who is a rapper. An underage girl got a fake ID and got into his concert. He then called her to the stage out of all the other women and started grinding on her and he got in trouble for it.


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