Girls, would you date a pilot?

I’m not a pilot but I’m working on it. I’m just wondering if girls would date one or would hold off because of the work schedule.


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  • I work in the industry and have hung out with many pilots. I may date one but generally stay away. Young pilots seem to be overly self absorbed. I respect what they do but not how they act. The older guys seem to have mellowed but hell they are old! lol

    • That’s really cool! And that’s in interesting take because the younger pilots I know are really cool but I only know a few and you probably know way more lol. I can definitely see that though haha. Thanks for you take on it.

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    • I’m in the US. That’s interesting, I always thought it was the dream job haha.

    • Its not what its cracked up to be anymore it seems. Many of the crews I work with are miserable. The bitching never stops. Do lots of research.

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