I am so confused. What is his deal? Should I walk away?

Okay, so I have been seeing this guy for a month now, multiple times each week. It began on the 28th Oct when we both went to the same party. Instantly, we connected holding hands, looking into each other's eyes, and not being able to keep our lips apart. We both are getting over break ups, he was with his ex for 14 years and I was with mine for 3 years.

So he told me the next day more about his breakup and that he loved her. It seems me and him have been through a lot of whether or not to continue being around each other. Especially I have tried to part ways. But he kept begging each time that we should see how things go and not to walk away from him. And that he likes me a lot.
I am keeping my feelings at a distance, I do like him too. But as of the past two weeks, i look back and realize he says certain things multiple times every single day:
' Why is your laugh so cute/sexy' , ' I can still smell and taste you', ' You are confusing my heart', ' I really do you like, you know that', " You are okay right", " What are you thinking?"
But when we whatsapp he sounds like not interested in the way I am accustom to men who have a crush on me to do, usually guys blow up my phone if they like me. But he does not. When we started I would really never start the convo on whatsapp telling myself do not like him he is emotionally unavailable and you are emotionally damaged ( in the sense that i am afraid to catch emotions for others). But we both are trying hard to not like each other more than we do now.
Now within this week I am realizing he wants to feed me his food or if we are out for drinks he wants me to sip his drinks, when we are sitting by a table he grabs my chair and pulls me chair so i am sitting in a way he takes my legs and rests it on his (before usually he would only grab my chair with me in it and drag it to him so we could be closer and easier to kiss) . He wants me to rest my head on his chest and especially after sex.
He only asks me to stay over when he is drunk though lol. Trust me we do talk about our exes, but i do not bring up mines a lot, he does it more. He tells me about his breakup and asks me about my ex which i tell him i do not wanna talk about it.
I am so confused, cause also with him i end up drinking more often or staying out late. Like we have already spent 12 hrs straight together more than once.
This is just f@cking with my mind. Should I walk away?


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  • 14 years huh... seems like a replacement if you ask me...

    • Exactly, I wanna walk away and I should. But these other signals and him being the one pursuing when he knows i keep him at distance emotionally. I do like him. God I am too old for this shit. I am gonna try to distance myself physically and emotionally.

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    • Omg thanks, you know i need to start doing that now. Cause i have let other's use my kindness, my heart, , my efforts for granted and all i got was being fucked over. So now i am gonna use people for the good parts, well this guy until the right one comes along or until he leaves. This guy deserves not an ounce of my emotions. I cried today, he doesn't deserve shit from me.

    • i think im naturally programmed that way. Gets me in trouble with a whole lot of friends because i only seem to be in contact when i need something. They forget that they don't contact either. And i always make it clear that i suck at keeping in touch. Im a strict introvert... i can spend days without talking to anyone and be just fine.

  • He needs to stop talking about his past girl


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