What is this? Is it right?

So my boyfriend broke up with me because we were long distance and we have a age gap. But we still text everyday cause we are like best friends. We both told eachother that we still do love eachother. And every time we text it seems like we are dating because of the things we say to eachother. Like we call eachother baby or say we love eachother. And he said he liked it that way. He said he liked that he was sort of my boyfriend. Is that right?


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  • It honestly sounds like the convince of having affection in the firm of text whenever he feels. But lacks the physicality and the intimacy so the relationship isn't truly there.

    • He said he didn't want the relationship because he felt hurt not to be with me

    • Do you mean physically? Because I'm in a long distance relationship and I can tell you it does such but there's ways to gain intimacy

    • He just means like spending time with me. Like out for dinner or movies

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  • "... sort of your boyfriend?" sounds like you are being put on the hook.


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