Super close friends of opposite sex and potential relationships?

So I've got this super close female friend that I'm uncertain of how to go forward with. We're super close and there's barely anything we don't talk about. We've discussed it in the past but it didn't really go any further. Lately we've gotten even closer, not just emotionally but also physically. She's always really kind but I'm starting to think I might have feelings for her, other than as friends... and I'm uncertain if she might be experiencing the same thing? It's probably poorly explained but I'd appreciate insight anyone could give me, wether it's from experience or whatnot.


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  • Nope, my ex is a dude and
    hella hot. I need him as a friend. I don't need him as another lover or sub. U?


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  • You don't mention anything about either of you being in a relationship, so I'll assume you're single. I say go for it- if you know each other that well and are still interested, it's a good sign.

    • Mhmm, we're both single we've both had relationships in the past.

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    • One more thing- guys that hold back for fear of rejection rarely, if ever, get the girl, so go for it!

    • Yeah, thanks a lot for everything!

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