He didn't make plans to see me this weekend, should I be concern?

This guy and I have been talking for over a month. We went on two dates and it went well, the night ended with hugs and light kisses. We have a lot in common although we had some disagreement and texts had led to an arguments and things ended but only for three days. But we started talking again and we both agreed that it has been better than before. We texts every day and yesterday (Friday) we text all day. My concern is.. we've been off work since Thursday and Okay Thanksgiving is family day and I understand that. But I don't understand why he didn't make plans to see me this weekend. I'm a little upset.


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  • Who are u? R u Angelina Jolie that everyone make u priority?

  • The problem is, there are so many more interesting and genuinely exciting things to do that are a lot more relaxing than making plans to spend the weekend with your girlfriend.

    The argument you had, has clearly dampened his enthusiasm and even though you started talking again, the cause of the argument is still there, and nothing has been resolved.


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  • Do you generally spend the weekend together?

    • The two dates we had was on a Saturday so i would say yes. He's a "home body", doesn't party or hang out with his friends which they're all married. But it doesn't feel right that this is a four days holiday weekend and he didn't make plans for us. Gosh i don't need fancy meal but maybe like coffee or something ugh.. Im so sadd..​

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    • It all make sense to me now. Thank you.

    • Good luck with everything

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