I can't figure out this guy motives... what is he trying to tell me between the lines?

I used to talk to this guy that I use to like but nothing ever happen cause he gave me a chance. Also he would go ghost on me. I can admit when we talk he doesn't want to say much and its hard to have a full conversation with him. When he limit the conversation cause he can't open up... He did hurt me when he went ghosted on but show me I don't need him in my life. He did admit that he was sorry for messing with many girls. I told him t I didn't care about cause I'm not his girl. His reply was ok? How can I believe him when he quick to change his mind easily. It's crazy how I can read him so well with the truth it literally knocks some sense in him. Its werid cause no matter what I say about him he never proves me wrong. He so predictable? Is that bad? He always find a way to get back in my life... What's his motive?


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  • If he doesn't want to open up or really talk to you, he's most likely not interested in you he just doesn't want anyone else to have you, hard to explain if you think about it it'll make sense


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