Would Someone Still Love Me?

People have been telling me things like:
"You won't go far in life without a car."
"Girls love guys who drive."
"You will have a hard time finding jobs without a vehicle."

Even my brother continues to bug me, "You still need a driving license, a job AND, a girlfriend... oh and your own house."
(I still live with my family... I'll get to that soon...)

Things are:

1) I'm not into vehicles. It won't be true love if a girl just loves the fact that you have a car. At least... I hope... I hope there is a girl out there who doesn't care if you have a vehicle or not-possibly not minding getting the both of us picked up soewhere if needed...

Plus, I have been in drivers ed but, not even half way through the course, ou instructor got sick without anyone to replace him. We didn't learn very well due to this. I still tried to do the official writting test still but, after failing 4 times... I quit. It wasn't so hard to quit. After all, I don't like vehicles and don't trust myself. I never did in the first place... I grew up a clutz. Once a clutz, always a klutz.

2) I've been trying to get a job starting around 2011 but failed horribly almost everytime. Then, our parents seperated while I-alone was visiting my grandparents for a month. My whole family came except Dad. We then moved to a smaller town. Jobs got even harder to get.

3) I grew up in a tradition where I had to wait until I'm in college or after, Tha rule broke down as more teens grew up in the family but, rules changed when more teens grew up in the family. I still stuckwith th tradition though. Plus, all the divorcing and friends breaking up with each other. Even my sister who emotionally broke down when a guy breaks up with her. It's not helping. I'm scared...

Would you still go out/marry someone like me? (Not me in general lol)Would Someone Still Love Me??


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  • The whole having a car thing isn't as big as people say. Once you get a car you'll see nothing changes, women don't just jump in it. Women like confidence, so be true to yourself and don't let people tell you a car or a woman is your validation.


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  • Having or not having a car is not your problem - it's a symptom. Lots of guys with no cars have girlfriends and wives.

    The real reason you will struggle with women is that you are a quitter. Instead of finding a way to succeed when things get difficult or just inconvenient, you look for reasons to give up.

    Even the most successful people have setbacks and struggles and rejections, but the reason they are successful is that they don't give up - instead they figure out what they need to succeed and they bust their ass to make it happen.

    How you choose to live your life is up to you, and it isn't too late to change, but as it stands now, you don't have anything to offer a woman, and only YOU have the ability to change that.

    If I gave you a million dollars today, chances are that you would be broke and alone in 3 years, because you aren't used to being responsible for yourself, much less anyone else. You need to set some goals for yourself, and then work and work until you achieve them. You will have failures and setbacks, but you need to keep working towards your goals no matter what. And don't just work hard, learn to work smarter too.

    You need to grow up and take responsibility for your life, or you'll never have one.


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